Our Services and Pricing - 2015

Dock and lift services

Your Authorized V-Dock Installation Experts!

Dock Installation/Removal.

**Sandy, soft or mucky lake bottoms we can do it!**


---Post or pole---Aluminum/steel/wood.

Lift Installation/Removal

Difficult lift--NO PROBLEM!

Lift types

---3K to 6K.




Miscellaneous Item Installation/Removal

Lift canopy

Stand alone canopy



Boat/Pontoon/Jetski to shore/yard/garage


Patio furniture

And more!

Shoreline services

**(Includes haul away/disposal of weeds, etc. & a 3 to 4 man crew)**

-Shoreline maintenence

---Beach cleaning

---Beach landscaping

---Beach ice heaval repair

-Rip Rap repair & maintenence.

-Lake bottom maintenence.

---Lake bottom clean-up--manually clear out weeds, stones, etc. in swimming & boating areas.

---Lake bottom muck/weed treatments: single & multiple applications.

-Miscellaneous labor.

Boat/pontoon/motor mechanical services.

-Inhouse mechanic.

-Concierge mechanic--We come to you!

-**Emergency On-call Concierge mechanic--We come to your dock when your dead in the water!**


* (Includes: Drain all water out, fogging, stable to gas & oil change as required)

**Inhouse & Concierge (We come to you!)**

-Outboards: 2 & 4 cycle--0 hp- to 500hp

-Inboards, I/O (inboard/outboards) & stern drives.

Secure Winter/Summer Marine/Non-marine Storage Facilities

-Indoor Heated (w/wo trailer).

-Indoor Cold (w/wo trailer).

-Outdoor Cold(w/wo trailer).

---Shrink wrap------(Includes storage).

---Shrink wrap------(Without storage).

---No Shrink wrap.

Other Services.

Detailing: Boat/Pontoon/Jetski .

Transportation: Boat/Pontoon/Jetski--your trailer or ours!.

Landscaping & lawn services.

Dock/Lift repair.

Dock construction.